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Since 1970, Prince has continually redefined the racquet sports landscape by bringing to market the most innovative and forward thinking products.

In 2015, Prince introduced their latest technology, Textreme. This advanced carbon fiber material is super thin material allowing more fibers per inch. This proven technology is infused into the racquet throat and head, optimizing racquet dynamics, providing greater stability, improved control and enhanced power. Players will immediately notice the incredible feel and playability with each stroke.

 Prince provide’s industry leading technology in athletic products that elevate the game of every individual both on and off the court.


Warrior Series

The Warrior franchise is the ultimate baseline weapon providing easy access to power and spin ideal for the modern game. Every racquet in the Warrior franchise is armed with TeXtreme to give the wielder even more power and control due to the enhanced stability.

Premier Series 

The Premier franchise is the choice for players with shorter and slower swings. The combination of TeXtreme and O3 technologies results in the largest sweet spot ever. With extreme amounts of power and comfort, the Premier racquets almost feel like cheating.

Tour series 

The Tour franchise has been developed to provide supreme control and enhanced feel for players with long fast swings. The addition of TeXtreme material has created a Tour franchise with more stability than ever before, increasing the control to laser like precision whilst adding enough pop to hit clean winners.

Lightning Series

Light, fast and powerful, the Lightning series makes a great choice for strong beginners and intermediate level players. Thanks to its slightly extended length, this stick supplies extra leverage for ratcheting up the pace and spin.  To help with stability, Prince adds their "Triple Threat" reinforcement at 10&2 o’clock. This racquet also gets a noticeable comfort boost from Prince’s time- tested "Sweet Spot Extension" system. The Lightning series should work very well for both improving beginners as well as intermediate level players. It could also be a dangerous weapon in the hands of an advanced doubles players looking to regain a lost step.

Performance Junior Series

Inject some explosive power and spin into your competitor junior’s game with the Tour Elite and Warrior Elite racquet from Prince. Junior racquet's from 21’ to 26” in length is a good fit for kids ages 6-8. It features a 100% graphite construction and has Prince’s Extreme String Pattern technology just like a full-length adult frame.


Lighter and more breathable than ever, this updated shoe offers a high performing shoe loaded with support and durability.



Prince offers a wide variety of men, women's and junior apparel. Everything from hats to wrist and head bands and racquet bags prince has what you need to bring your game to the next level.

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